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Memories of Childhood: Aesop’s Fables are as Relevant Today as They Were 2,600 Years Ago

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This website uses cookies. There the pre-title-page had "Fables" near its center. The "Tout droits" and copyright statements facing the title-page are differently typeset, as is all of the information on the title-page itself. Might its paper also be of different quality? This copy has instead " I can find no evidence that either of the copies belongs to the numbered sets announced at the books' beginnings.

Chananayah Rachman. Illustrated by Nahum Gutman.

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Third Edition. Israel: Tebursky. This is a more substantial book than I am used to seeing from Israel. It has the familiar embossed silhouette of Krylov on its front cover. Apparently each fable receives one of Gutman's cartoon line-drawing illustrations. A good example, though larger than most, is the full-page illustration of "The Cook and the Cat" It is nice to meet old friends in new and strange surroundings, like "Quartet" on or "The Gardener and the Bear" on The first edition was done in and the second in This is the third edition, also in NY: Exposition Press.

A strange collection of thirty-three original, contemporary fables.

Very few are about animals. The best are "Two Mice" and "Pidgin. Prete," "Jonquil," and "Chartin. By Joanna Strong. With illustrations by Hubert Whatley. Fifteen Aesopic fables are mixed in here with various folktales. There is a good black-and-white-and-green illustration of a broken bridge and the fallen donkey 53 ; other illustrations are of LM 61 and WC Also included in the fifteen is what is identified as an old Hebrew fable: "The Wise Bird and the Hunter," with an illustration There is a T of C at the front.

I suspect that this book's fable materials are virtually identical with those in Hart's publication of a year later, A Treasury of the World's Great Myths and Legends for Boys and Girls. This edition may add color that is lacking there.

Dubray Books. The Orchard Book of Aesop's Fables

Retold by Mildred L. Kerr and Frances Ross. Columbus: Charles E. Merrill Co. Illustrations de Benjamin Rabier. Charleroi: Imprimerie de Charleroi. Here is a paperback book with thirteen bilingual texts, French and Walloon. The first is a conversation with Jean de La Fontaine. The others are new fables. Along the way, there are delightful cartoons from none other than Benjamin Rabier. I do not believe that any of the fables are direct takeovers from La Fontaine. For example, he has "blackened" people. But do not put them under the microscope! And be sure to examine your own conscience! Follow my advice and you have a chance of being listened to.

There is reference on the verso of the title-page to 15 lettered and then numbered copies. This copy is neither letter nor numbered. This book gives the fable lover a short immersion into another cultural interface that has enjoyed the gift of Aesop! Here is a book that one would not easily find in circulation! Paperbound books from Warsaw in might not have had a long life expectancy! This book contains some of Krylov's fables on pages, followed by a T of C.

There is an assortment of illustrations, not very well printed; many are modeled after well-known illustrations of Krylov's work.

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Vladimir Bouch-Bruyevich. Essay by S. Limited edition of Printed in Moscow. Moscow: State Literary Museum. This is a wonderful treasure. It is a canvas-bound book of some eighty pages with a wealth of black-and-white photoreproductions of illustrations of Krilov's work. A foreword includes several illustrations of fables from Russian books--or more likely manuscripts--before Krilov's time: FS, "Death and the Woodcutter," and FG.

Then comes an extensive bibliography, apparently of thirty-one individual fables and their illustrations. The dates here for the illustrations seem to range from to ; the fables themselves are dated chronologically from to Those dates fit with all that I have learned from Quinnam, Stepanov, and Ralston. There follow in the next chapter thirty-six pages of photoreproductions. As far as I can tell, these are a selection of the items listed in the preceding chapter. Thus the first illustration here, FC on 37, relates to the one listing under Item II on 14 in the bibliography chapter.

After these photoreproductions, there follow an AI of fables, an AI of proper names, a list of illustrations, and a T of C. John Lyth.

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Decorations by Richard E. Foreword by F. Heathcote Briant. Inscribed by John Lyth. York: Herald Printing Works. The title continues "being ventures in story and verse together with 14 paraphrases by permission of James Thurber's Fables for Our Time. It was frankly not easy to find the Thurber paraphrases as I paged through this book of pages.

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On perhaps the third try, I began to catch on that "Hands across the Atlantic" is the appropriate section, beginning with a "decoration" picturing an elderly man seated among flowers and flanked by a bird and a rabbit. The titles of these fourteen poems do not match Thurber's. They are the kind of poetry that thrives on rhyme and irregular word order. However, my prize goes to "Dignity and Impudence" Young turkey and old come to blows, but before they can settle their deeply felt dispute, the farmer kills both for Christmas dinner!

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  4. The moral here for TH is "Book-writers don't know everything! Little Red Riding Hood again shoots the wolf in granny's bed. Lyth is true to Thurber's fresh insight couched in story form. The last Thurberesque poem, "Apocalypse" 61 , hits as hard as ever! No author or illustrator acknowledged.

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    An oversized book on cheap paper with some very nice colored illustrations. These vary from section to section of the book, from black-and-white through monochrome and duotone to five-color images. Five fables occur in a black-and-white section, from Now, here is a surprise: these very five texts and their illustrations occur on the same pages of More than 30 of American Childhood's Best Books from the American Crayon Company. Ives" are interspersed in both cases.

    The images for the former are changed here. Otherwise what we have here is a nice collection of kids' material of all sorts. Some crayoning on the title page.