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Sistina hit him running. Which ended up a duel betweem Leos and Glen. Riel: "What is ABC? Can I eat it? Until he met Sera Silvers. Member of the "Royal Empire Magicians".

She took care of him, and as he fell in love with her, he vowed to protect her. Must protect that smile! Sera died due to "Angel Dust" poisson, right in Glen's arm. Considering Lumia and Sistina are both from the same house and Lumia is the princess. Shouldnt it be better if you marry Lumia for wealth? God of war Riel! That earned him lots of disgust. Angry Sistina.

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Suspicious talk between Leos and his driver. Glen told her of Sera. Then Leos appeared and they fought a bit.

Leos summoned Spirit to fight Glen, resulting in Glen's loss. It was revealed that he was an imposter. His true identity is former empire magician No. And that Leos was dead, his remain was used as a doll. Justice intended to purge all evils to prove himself worthy, which means killing the Empire and the Wisdom of Heavenly Council, including Glen. After some internal conflict, she decided to come back to Glen.

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Time to kick butt and chew bubble gum. Dead waifu!

As Theresa keep winning and the rest keep losing, Glen retort to dirty trick learnt from Hermit. The result, two can play that game! They have come to assist you in balancing and in attuning to the vibrational frequency of the ship. Yes, notice that they do not actually touch your body, but rather, they work through that which is your auric field.

There now, you can already feel that they have discovered a particular area of your aura where there has been an imbalance within you, and they are now working to smooth out that imbalance. No, these two ones do not speak to you in words as you do, but your gratitude is conveyed to them through your thoughts. Perhaps you might choose to rest now that they have completed the balancing process.

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You will find that sleep comes easily to you. The first task of their new Space Brothers was to repair the mental and physical damage, to soothe and comfort those in shock, for although sleep may have comforted them giving an appearance of calm, their subconscious minds too must be cleansed of trauma. They would also begin to bring together those who had been separated. Next would come the gentle process of healing, and of steadily raising the newcomers' spiritual vibration rates.

Indeed these two processes work together, for as their vibratory rates are raised, so any injuries or imperfections in their bodies heal themselves, returning to their perfect Etheric pattern, though in a few cases specific treatments may be necessary.

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This means that all their old disabilities, the damaged foot from childhood, the results of an internal operation, the scars of an accident, the internal wounds of some past sorrow All of this, however, was taking place slowly and steadily, with only a bare awareness on the part of the 'patients', who were to be otherwise occupied with a conducted 'familiarization tour' of what would now reveal itself as a spaceship more vast than anything any of the visitors could ever have imagined.

When we think of 'spaceships' we probably visualize their size as corresponding perhaps to one of our largest aircraft, while those with a more adventurous imagination might visualize the size and facilities of an ocean-going liner or cruise ship. The reality, as the visitors found as they toured their new 'home', was to require a major effort of comprehension! Many groups were to be taken around by different members of the crew and the reception teams. One such group was to be shown around by Space Commander Alizantil. Seven of our great Space Cities are at work, and their size may come as something of a surprise to you.

Our tour begins where you arrived in your small 'taxis' which ferried you from Earth. It consists, as you can see, of disembarking platforms, parking docks, and garages for incoming visiting craft. There are also maintenance departments, and storage areas for the thousands of small scout ships which we stack one over the other. Here also are the temporary accommodations for our transient, or 'first night' visitors. Now we will move upwards level by level, using one of the large elevators which run up and down the central core.

This is the Quartermaster Deck, containing all manner of supplies and inventories for the varied needs of all levels in multiple warehouses. It is the level where we study animal husbandry, for is our belief that we are responsible for our younger brothers and sisters in the animal, aquatic, insect and bird kingdoms. We do not of course exploit them in any way, we ensure that they are respected, and we stand ready to assist them whenever they may encounter problems which only we can solve.

Every manner of creature from many worlds has a habitat here. It is rather a noisy level, but the air is nevertheless pure and pleasant. It is like a combined farmland, botanical garden and fruit orchard. Here we grow all we need for our own food. As you can see, we believe in mixed, natural farming! As the group of Earth visitors continued up to Level Six, their minds already overfilled almost to capacity with mental fatigue rapidly setting in, they found themselves in the breathtakingly beautiful Recreational Level, with lushly landscaped park areas. Here we invite you to pause awhile, to assimilate what we have seen together so far, and to enjoy the peace and beauty of our gardens.

You will know when it is time to continue our tour, and Strolling around in wonderment among the trees and flowers, the visitors, or rather, the new residents, would come upon small secluded sitting areas, promontories with views, and all manner of recreational activities for all ages. Only after relaxing for a while did they begin to realize that they were 'in the open air', with fully grown trees, little hills and valleys, distant views, wonderfully fresh air stirred by a gentle breeze, and even, somehow, the impression of sunlight.

Having again reassembled, and moving on to level Seven, they found the sprawling Medical Complex containing comprehensive patient facilities and quarters for all medical personnel. Dental care areas, biological research centers, and the Ship's laboratories, all elaborated with the finest technology, much of it a mystery to the uninitiated.

It was immediately apparent at least, that healing work was carried out without physical contact or the use of those 'blunt instruments' beloved of Earth's medical profession! Here, new arrivals with special disabilities would be treated and healed. Here also, ongoing research is undertaken into the different forms of sickness which can be found throughout the immediate galaxy.


It contains staterooms for individuals and apartments for families. There are countless joint dining areas, social halls, nursery care sections, laundry facilities and information offices. Gradually you, our ship's guests, will be introduced to the technologies of these various areas, and here I can promise you an exciting experience.

Halls of learning offer classes with curricula for all ages. Very young children's classrooms are filled with individualized computer systems. I think you will see, that whereas for you, your 'world' was your planet, we see our galaxy as our home, and whereas you study and travel to different countries or nations, we study and visit our neighbor planets! Here one can play upon an instrument, in a soundproof room, along with a full orchestral background, with a limitless choice of repertoire simply by pressing the correct buttons on a computer panel.

Any category of music, with thousands of selections, is available at the fingertips of the lone aspiring soloist. This tenth level is also primarily the living quarters for your Space Brothers participating in these exercises, containing staterooms and apartments with multiple scattered conference rooms and dining and lounge areas.

Many meetings and conferences take place in what you call 'space', brought about by events both within individual planets and their inter-action, often requiring extensive planning. We do not normally interfere in the internal affairs of individual planets, but we must be ready to act in cases of foolhardy and irresponsible actions which endanger other planets.

Here also is the Great Rotunda Meeting Hall where we will finish our tour as we come together with other groups. It is here, on the many tremendous viewing screens around the circular wall, that you will soon be permitted to look down upon your world and see those things which are still coming to pass. The Twelfth Level is the uppermost portion of the craft and is referred to as 'The Dome'. But I can tell you that although this is the hub of the 'serious business', the atmosphere is always calm and relaxed, though often very busy!

The total surrounding circumference is furnished with comfortable chairs for relaxing and observation. Earth visitors will be welcomed there later as conditions permit.

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Question-and-answer sessions with crew members are always part of the experience there. This is where you moved up through the different levels in one of the numerous elevators. But perhaps more importantly, there is a power reactor running the entire height of the craft. The power center core is roughly feet or so in diameter. The elevators for inter-level transportation are located in the core's outer shell. A few larger lifts are restricted for Quartermaster and Maintenance use. May the peace of the Infinite One abide within you in all ways, manifesting the beauty which is given through you.

Some are responsible for the 'housekeeping' or cleanliness of our surroundings; others provide food, while others maintain the structure of the ship, or the gardens and plant growth areas, as well as those who are responsible for our garments, housing and the environment. They are entrusted with maintaining the in-ship environment that is most conducive to the well-being and upliftment of the ship's inhabitants.