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Scott Fitzgerald, she did everything from picking up his laundry and fetching his groceries to balancing his checkbook and heating up canned turtle soup for his lunch. She was consulted for decades afterward by writers eager for her insights into the author. But he never tired of being closely identified with the role that made him famous. The Oscar-winning composer provided the musical accompaniment -- and the emotional beats -- to some of the most memorable works of modern cinema.

A former pro football kicker for the Los Angeles Rams, Villanueva went on to co-found the powerful Univision network and become one of the wealthiest Latino executives in the country. Roberts founded Comcast Corp. The legendary talent manager played key roles in the careers of many top comedians, including Woody Allen, David Letterman, Robin Williams and Robert Klein.

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Along the way, Rollins helped create the role of the modern show business manager. A courageous editor, Carroll guided the Los Angeles Times to new heights, including a record 13 Pulitzer Prizes in five years. Of the 13 Pulitzers the paper won under Carroll, five were awarded in It was the largest number The Times ever won in a single year and the second-largest in the history of the prizes.

Winkler, left, and Chartoff, right, flank Sylvester Stallone in Chartoff was The English actor emerged as a British horror movie icon in the s with his memorable portrayal of Count Dracula. He turned his restaurant, Le Moulin de Mougins in France, into a landmark of French gastronomy and a beacon of nouvelle cuisine. In , Mervin D. Field created the Field Poll, which became the standard for public opinion research in California. Results of his surveys could instantly recast a campaign or alter a policy debate in Sacramento. Prior to his surrender to U. He had been in custody since his surrender.

Known as an innovator in biochemistry and a medical scholar, Irwin Rose, a researcher with UC Irvine, won the the Nobel Prize in chemistry in for his study of how a cell gets rid of unwanted proteins. His research contributed to the use of an existing drug, Velcade, to treat a type of cancer called multiple myeloma. Known as a pioneer of local television news broadcasting, Sam Zelman is credited with helping to create CNN.

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Army captain. Acknowledged as one of the greatest American documentary photographers, Mark chronicled homeless families in Los Angeles and runaway children in Seattle, documenting them as they aged. Her work appeared in magazines such as Life and Look. The Nobel Prize winner transformed economics and was known as one of the greatest mathematicians of his time. The former jazz musician became a deeply influential and highly visible executive at Columbia Records, Blue Note Records and other major labels.

He moved from one lofty record company job to another, leaving his mark along the way. Their marital history was widely seen as a political drawback that cost him the ticket. The time Grammy winner created a unique style that made him one of the most respected and influential blues musicians ever. She later in life became a confidant of Truman Capote. Installed in , it rapidly became something of an L.

Burden was The Uruguayan writer and committed socialist wrote books condemning European and U. The influential master of the lampoon channeled his off-the-wall sensibility into groundbreaking radio shows, comedy albums and hundreds of humorous television commercials for products such as chow mein and prunes. She successfully pushed for passage of a historic bill aimed at keeping guns away from unqualified buyers. He built the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove as the embodiment of an upbeat, modern vision of Christianity, only to see his ministry shattered by family discord and financial ruin.

The science teacher turned weatherman who joined KABC-TV in and spent nearly two decades exuberantly delivering the local forecast was The constitutional scholar with a modest manner and a homespun sense of humor was a former chancellor of UC Irvine and president of the UC system for three years in the s.


One chance for freeing Anderson was a secret attempt by the Reagan administration to reach out to Iran. But those efforts fell apart when details came to light of a larger scheme to secretly sell arms to Iran and use the proceeds to pay for illegal U. They let us go. Anderson said his sister later moved to Cookeville and had retired after working on behalf of victims of domestic violence. In addition to Anderson and two other siblings, Anderson said that Say is survived by daughter Melody Smith, son Edward Langendorfer and several grandchildren.

Either way you both lose. Unless you want to keep the house. Get a job and save for an apartment. I have no friends or family to be with. I you do, go to then to live and get support. I feel for women and men both. It is a divorce and it is painful for both no matter what. The same strife, fears, needs, and emotions that need to be worked out and healed.

Good luck.

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I feel you on this one. He makes bank but I am unable to work because I have a newborn.

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I am considering donating my plasma just to have my own money. After he maxed out his debt he now talks about divorce and his half is debt will be mine while he wines and dines on this controlled community debt. I am so frustrated! Let me mention that my wife was arrested for domestic violence against me.

She is verbally abusive and a narcissist. So she can stay with a friend for free and I pay her monthly while I work long hours and she physically and mentally abused me? Many states take the ability of the supported spouse to work and what they might earn into account in setting support. Consult with an attorney to see about whether you can get your support payments reduced under the laws of your state. Ex ask me for 2nd marriage theif moved in we got a car loan 4 months later the bastard fled tp his sisters house in texas i recently sued the ass the crooked judge awarded what i need and wanted gave me nothing he a vengeful hardass theif that refuses to what is right he abuses my dog beau and refuses to give him back to me hes a narc i hate every part of this selffish bastard he is ruing my credit lives with a bitch on texas and refuses to pay what the ass owes.

So the guy says bub u have a new mommy. He goes about his military career.

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  • His boy was 2 always did call me mom. He is a senior now.

    I stayed for my boy, his dad now after I filed for divorce says u have nothing. Haha I e already turned my asset paperwork in. Funny cause the first house was in my name.

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    I had a paid off vehicle. But the poor baby wanted new truck. Sad part is now I have nothing.