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Do teachers routinely share their use with students? Is public use of the library seamless and easy to access for all patrons? Book Access at Home Access to books cannot be limited to the six or seven hours per day that students are at school. Reading is a habit — for life — not just for school.

Indeed, as a predictor of college graduation, books in the home trump the education of the parents. Even a child who hails from a home with 25 books will, on average, complete two more years of school than would a child from a home without any books at all. Evans, M. Family scholarly culture and educational success: Books and schooling in 27 nations. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility , 28 2 , Year-round book access is critical.

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Book Access in the Community Students need access to books everywhere and anytime in the community. Access to rich texts that they want to read, that compel them to read, and that result in conversation with peers and adults is vital.

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Books need to be visible everywhere in the community as well as available year-round in order to fill in summer, school breaks, and holiday access gaps from schools. Students deserve to choose what they are reading.

Force-feeding specific texts day after day, year after year equates reading as a chore. Not fun. Not pleasurable. Not enjoyable. And then, of course, not likely to be sustained outside the school day. Nice collections of engaging, relevant books on shelves may look good, but just admiring books is not enough! Books need to be read in order to be savored and thoughtfully digested.

And the best books are the books that students choose to read themselves. You have already read about access, but another feature of choice is time. Time to read.

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Reflection Question: How do we ensure that students have choice in their book selection as well as time to read? Equity means several things. Not equal. Teachers and librarians need to know the authors and books that represent their students and families in their community. How does one collect the diverse books that are needed? Reflection Question: What do we as a staff know and believe about equity, what sources do all staff use, and then how are those sources communicated?

Where to Find Diverse Books. What was the purpose behind Game Changer?

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How do we keep that passion for reading? How do we encourage a love of reading? It truly takes ALL of us working together as a literacy community! I have created this program with infinite devotion to your best life. Claim your space here. Toggle navigation. Want Robin to help you multiply your performance x25?

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Start Here. Loved it! Worth every second! I highly recommend it! Thank you.

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I have been working on my values and goals for some time and this program has helped me to focus and clarify them. I would like to say that I have immense gratitude to Robin for this course. He has offered an affordable course that can and will continue to offer us HUGE value.