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Travis A. King-Imaginary Lines

Stothard: I have always been interested in borders and nation-states, and the identity that comes with them. But when it comes to this story, in my opinion, it was about people who were unhappy with the status quo.

There is this sense that England controls the way the entire United Kingdom goes. During the Brexit referendum, interestingly, all of Scotland voted to remain in Europe, but almost all of the areas in the north of England voted to leave. Stothard: I went in the summer before the referendum on Scottish independence, in It was nice to have these campaign events to go to, to help me structure the project.

It was close enough to the referendum that people had opinions, and that I could go around and speak to people about it.

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It was more about the two regions as a whole, where the two movements are, and where they could be. How different was it being on one side of the border or the other? For example, these border riding ceremonies I photographed happen on both sides of the border. The border has moved around. It used to be in Berwick-upon-Tweed, which is now in England, until not that long ago. If you were to go further north, you would be able to feel the difference more.

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Here, the landscape is similar. Life is similar. Was there a different atmosphere, perhaps a bit more excitement on the Scottish side? Stothard: There was more activity on the Scottish side of the border and more engagement with what was going on, but people on the English side were certainly talking about it.

Sho Studios Presents: Imaginary Lines

It was going to have an effect on them; a lot of them are closer to Edinburgh than to Newcastle. Help Yourself Julian Lennon.

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